Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Great Herb Adderley Autograph from CSA Show

This is another reason why I really enjoy this hobby. This is a picture of my autograph on March 15 @ the CSA Show from Herb Adderley.

Herb Adderley's signature is clean, crisp, and really stands out. He signed my Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl VI helmet. Herb gathered his 6th and final championship by helping Dallas win their first Super Bowl. I've read that Herb didn't exactly enjoy his time in Dallas, but he didn't saying anything negative to me.

Waiting in line for the signature was another story. It took forever! I couldn't figure out why it was taking so long until I got near the front of the line.
Herb was not only taking his time giving everyone a great signature, but he was talking to everyone. It was great. He wasn't a machine just writing his name as fast and sloppy as he could, but Herb Adderley was really taking time to meet the people and give everyone a great signature.

Thank you Herb Adderley for the great signature and thank you CSA for providing a great guest.

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